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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
Steve Yzerman committed to playing defense. Do you expect Ovie to do that? I love Ovie but he doesn't have a defensive bone in his body. I hate to say it but Yzerman was a much better player than Ovie.

But Ovie is good enough to lead a Stanley Cup team. But a GM will have to build that team. Not even Gretzky and Orr were good enough to win on their own.

If you like George, you're entitled to your opinion.
I didn't say anything about Yzerman as a player, was merely using him as a player who led a dynasty, and didn't win his first cup till he's 32. To act like Ovechkin never has a chance with the team GMGM has built going into the future is laughable. Will they win it this year, probably not. This isn't there year, that isn't the worst thing in the world. They have a future, and you refuse to even acknowledge it, it's hilarious. And again, we are still a year and a half away from Ovechkin being 30, he'll never be a Selke candidate, but he's a winger who gives a ****.

The Caps are 2-4 years away from cups, but they will come, and GMGM built the team. It's not worth throwing away because they want to chase the cup this year, or because Pitt might win this year. It's petty to think that way, think about what's best for the Caps to win multiple cups, and that's just how GMGM is is GM'n.

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