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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
My experience with people from New York is they can't ever imagine moving out of the area, but once they do, they don't ever want to go back and don't know why they didn't make the move earlier.

I moved over fifteen years ago to the West, wante to move for years but couldn't get the b**ls to do so. Now my only regret is that I didn't come out here years before. Instead of living in a crappy rental on a main street, I have a huge house in a wonderful area with all the accoutrements. Four cars (Infinitis, Toyota Tundra truck), etc.

Just be aware the South and West are much more conservative areas, and more than anything, people are wonderful, they will accept New Yorkers readily as long as they don't think they are being looked down upon.

BTW, I have Center Ice on DirecTV, wouldn't consider anything else. I get all the games (if you like other sports, be aware MLB only gets about a third of the games), but when the game is on the NBC feed or NHL Network, I don't get the MSG feed. Quality is first rate (have a 42" HDTV). Also, since I work a lot, I have a DVR with SWIM, so I can watch the games after they start, which is awesome, because Ranger games start at 4 PM here.
Thanks for all the info!
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