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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
You are very welcome. As I said, overall, once you get used to it (and, trust me, you won't likely be able to get a decent bagel or a pizza down there), you'll be gald you moved. I imaginee I'm significantly older than you, so I can remember what it was to move out of New York many years ago, but now, with satellite TV's, the Internet, etc., you can live almost anywhere in the world and get to do all your favorite things. That wasn't true years ago.

One other thing I think you might like. It is so much easier to get ahead in smaller areas and life is so much more rewarding and satisfying. Just try to accept the locals as they are and they'll love you.

People in the South do not hate New Yorkers, they don't like people who prejudge them. I have had some of the nicest experiences in my life years ago in the South, once when I was stranded in a tropical storm in the 1970's.
I'm very much looking forward to a more small town type of folk. There's too much urban isolation up here for my taste; you take too many people and put them in too little space, and they fight tooth and nail for every inch. It's endlessly upsetting, and for someone who lives on existentialism, it's destructive. Though I admit, I do feel a bit like I'm running away from the struggle. That's not why I'm moving, but I can't shake the notion.

As for the bolded:

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