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03-29-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
I agree with him

Things we're looking bad back then, real bad.

After Murray went into rebuild mode at the trade deadline in 2011 things have looked good: Murray has a plan and he's sticking to it.

Back then he was just doing everything he could to keep the boat afloat and it wasn't working, it felt very scatterbrain whereas the whole organization seems much more focused now; well everyone except the owner that is!
Originally Posted by costermonger View Post
I always thought the "Murray took a contender and wrecked it" argument was total bull**** and regularly argued against it. That crap started here in early 2008 and persisted pretty much continually.

But if you'd asked me in January or February of 2011, I'd have said Murray's days were numbered. Melnyk didn't see it that way though and that summer Murray hired Maclean.

I'm sure glad he wasn't fired.

This is very true, and while we all know with the benefit of hindsight it might've been the best option, but imagine Murray had blown the team up and started a rebuild in 2008-2009? As it was many fans were plugging their ears and yelling "nah nah nah can't hear you" about the state of the farm system. He'd have been crucified.
As I said above, Im CONVINCED Murray wasnt allowed to rebuild. Melnyk pushed for us to get stop gaps and try to keep contending. Murray is way too smart to have wanted that. Ive said it for years, and nothing has come along to change my opinion.

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