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03-29-2013, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
First of all, Barrie isn't just "a prospect". He has shown that he's more than capable of playing significant minutes at the NHL level and he can be a big part of the D core moving forward. I agree with the "add more" part but keep Barrie and then add more. People are upset at the D unit this year because of the garbage that surrounds EJ and Barrie. Trading one of those two and adding a lot more to the package doesn't make much sense when you're a team that is sitting in dead last and not close to contending.

If you can trade Barrie and another piece to get Yandle, go for it. But that's not going to happen.
Exactly. If we're trading for a defenseman, they're going to ask for Barrie. He's still a prospect in my eyes. He should have been given more of a chance than Sacco has given him, but with all his rushes up ice, they haven't really resulted in many points.

That's not to say he will continue like this in the future, but you're still just relying on potential with him.

What realistic level is he gonna get to? A guy that put up 59 points? That's what Yandle is already. If Barrie ends up hitting his absolutely ceiling and does the same thing, and improves a little defensively, then so be it. You still have EJ, Jones, and either Yandle or whatever other prospects or UFA's you've added a few years from now, and you took a chance being proactive in addressing your biggest need.

They're not gonna bring in the kind of D needed without giving something up, and with EJ and potentially Jones in the scenario I first started this discussion with, he is expendable to bring in a LH guy that already is what you hope Barrie will get to.

With a Jones and Barrie combo, they are too young as defenseman to match up with the rest of the core. They're younger then the rest of the guys, and as defenseman they'll take an extra few years to have the same impact. So just keep Jones, and use Barrie to bring in a proven guy a few years older.

I know everyone wants to hold on to Barrie and Elliott until the last possible second so they're sure they're not Shattenkirk, but you don't make trades for key pieces you need by doing that. By that time, they won't have enough value in trade. And you'll have waited and waited to fix it by UFA or the draft, and most likely not brought in the guy you needed. Meanwhile everyone will be complaining about the D unit.

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