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03-30-2013, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post

That's why I don't care when people point out my KD ratio. Battlefield stopped being about KD ratio a long time ago. In fact, since 2, it's been about teamwork and reviving teammates, or completing objectives. It's not about KD anymore. This isn't Battlefield 1942.

More people need to embrace the team concept and cover my damn back, because I can't do everything myself.
KD is a predictor of success.

It's also essential in certain modes. Your KD would actually be harmful in a TDM match. I'd rather be a player down than take you on my team. That's not a slam at you, it's just the way TDM is geared. It's the same with any ticket based mode. If you are sub 1:1, you are wasting tickets. It's that simple. In order to win most rush rounds, you have to push the defenders off the objective. That requires trading kills with them at greater than 1:1. You are not going to get a miracle detonation if the other team is spanking you 4:1 or more. It just won't happen. You're probably getting spawn camped into oblivion at that point. CTF is one of the few modes where you can positively contribute with a negative KD. But even that is twisting the truth. You'd be a far better defender if you died less and therefore were able to cover better. It's just the simple truth.

People forget that KD in COD means you get to your killstreaks faster. People actually sit there and game the system so that they get the most kills with the fewest deaths not because it contributes to the objective, but because it gets them to their killstreaks faster. If someone gets on a roll and headed towards one of the more powerful streaks, you'll see them totally change their gameplay style. That's why COD is so oriented towards KD. The good players get rewarded much faster than average and below players. In battlefield, a 2:1 or 3:1 player can sometimes pull the same weight as an entire squad of guys, depending on mode. Look up any friends you have that are a career 2.0 or better on KD and I'm sure their win rate reflects this.

Shooters will always reward the better players. That's just the nature of the game. You can have equal stats across the board, but there is still a human player with variable skill controlling that soldier.

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