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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
The thing about these projections is that they seem so far off than what we see. So far, on the ice, playing the same amount of games and taking into consideration the age difference, I can't believe Chucky is so far ahead of Gallagher. This is mostly cuz I want to see more out of Chucky, but I know that it's time that's going to produce that. Still, #2 is pretty freaking high and he's going to have to raise his game a ton to deserve that retrospectively. Of course I believe in him, I'm just leery of predicting what he will be when there's such a huge gap between potential and actually realizing it. A patented (from junior) laser wrister would be nice. He's been trying them and they've been a huge motivator for wearing a visor, but he's gotta get 'em on net. Basically, I'm impatient (having seen the potential).

As for Gally, people say he's not the player you need. Well he certainly seems like he is. People compare him to MSL or early Gio. Is that not a player you would kill for? To me, he's a mix of several smaller players including those two with him being more physical and gritty.
Relax, he's 3 years younger and until recently they've been pretty comparable in production. Now if you take overall play into consideration Galchenyuk is doing a lot more on the ice than Gallagher is when he't not scoring. Nothing against Gallagher, he's probably going to win the Calder if he keeps this up, but when Galchenyuk arrives at his developmental stage, he will be a legit .ppg player if everything goes accordingly. The list is about potential mixed with current play, and that's why Galchenyuk is numero dos.

edit: and also why Tarasenko is first, despite him and Gallagher being almost comparable .ppg wise and impact wise offensively on their respective teams, while being older than the rest.

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