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03-30-2013, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post
So how close is this to being Kings to Seattle with no minority owners coming forth?

Deadline soon?

If my deductive reasoning is correct, if P, then Q, so the if the NBA in Seattle this fall, the NHL will be as well.

The entire premise of the NHL being in Seattle is based on the NBA since the arena is based on getting the Kings?

Hello Coyotes?
Yes we have to get the Kings for coyotes to be here in fall.

we'll find out which way the NBA is leaning after the 3rd. Supposedly if Hansen gets approved as minority owner of the 7% he would have ROFR so by chance NBA says no to the 65% maloofs try to sell locally hansen can claim ROFR thus getting the kings. On top of that local group has to match the 72% or even more if Hansen accquires even more shares of the team.

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