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Originally Posted by jcman View Post
Beacon, just out of curiosity, if this news about Hank having a concussion turns out to be true, is Talbot ready to take on the responsibilities of backing up Marty for as long as he needs to
Mission is definitely not ready. Doesn't move quick enough and though rebound control is much better than a few months ago, it is still not up to par. Honestly, if he were anywher near NHL ready at the age of 22, he would be regarded as a blue chipper. Lundqvist only made it at 23.5, though he probably would've made it a year earlier but for the lockout. Still Lundqvist is a generational talent who is almost certain to make the Hall of Fame. Most goalies take longer. Mission needs a minimum of two more years, and even then he would need to keep improving dramatically, as much as he did this year.

Talbot is more polished. He is better, more confident, more athletic and playing on horrible teams all his life means he has a ton of experience facing al types of shots, power plays, fast breaks. Hartford, for instance, tends to collapde under pressure late in games due to youth and inexperience. And his college team (Alabama!) was particularly terrible, but due to his heroics, it would make it into tournaments where it had no business playing, where he would again usually be the best player on the ice.

I think he is very close to being ready. My main problem with him the whole year have been the WTF goals he gave up at times, but those have gone down. Had he played in the NHL this year, he would've looked like Vally at the end, but as he is getting better, I have confidence that he might be able to handle limited backup duties.

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