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03-30-2013, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by DaDucks View Post
2 15yr whiskey neet
7 Heinekens
1 Singapore sling
2 nigroni's
Hella mix.

I used to like to start with 2-3 soco muddlers, then many, many shakers of Citron with a splash of tonic. Sometimes a bottle of Tanqueray and tonic, xtra lime, and then a bunch of pilsners. I'm too old for any of that kinda fun now. Enjoy it while ya can.

Those Heinekens are what catch ya by surprise. They taste and go down like like beer, but do much more than.

Originally Posted by duckaroosky View Post
Hangover 3?
If ya get enough sleep, I think ya can overcome that one. Gatorade day for sure.

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