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08-13-2006, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
If you love him so much pay for the "insider" information. Its the real gold. Your only getting the crumbs the other way. Adulation of Eklund is laughable. However, I can understand not paying if you are poor.

I am a season ticket holder and had some really interesting stuff in his chat.
Because people appreciate his site its called adulation? If reading his stuff and making my own judgment on the validity of this information is what you are refering to then chalk me up as an adulator. I guess it takes a certain level of maturity and judgement to sift through the information and obvioulsy this part escapes you. Anyway I'd rather be in that category then spreading malicious slander about that person and being dismissive about everything that is wirten on his site. The people who kept their cool and their head durring the Eklund witch hunt also kept their eyes open and realized that not all that was said was true and that in fact most of it was false and that he also does have a relatively good success rate altho a success rate has no impact on the truthfulness of rumours.

And as for the last part of you post. Well....I wont even go there.

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