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03-30-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ironmanrulez View Post
Sorry guys, but iŽam so bored of all the injuries with this team.

Pronger is out for his career
Meszaros hasnŽt played 2/3 of the games in his last 3 years
Coburn is always injured and donŽt played well
JVR was injured all the time
Carter has broken his foot 2times in one season
Hartnell has broken his feet this season
Grossman has injuries every now and then....

Is this team make out of glass?

Did Carter missed a game with LA?
Why can other teams play a full season with 6 dman?

IŽam so tired of injuries. This team is doing anything wrong!
pronger - never hurt, career ending eye/head injury - hardly fragile
mez - yes, always hurt ---too bad, bc hes a good player
coburn - literally never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever hurt ----good thread timing i guess
jvr - soft as butter - but not on the team anymore
carter - soft as butter yes, but in a different way - played 80 or more games in 4 of 6 seasons as a flyer
hartnell - literally missed 3 games in 5 seasons prior to this season...yeah, made of glass
grossmann - missed what, 4 games total for us???

yes, we've had bad luck with injuries this year, but outside of mez having bad luck, this thread makes no sense - sorry to be a dick but its an annoying time to be a flyer fan right now, and im on edge (especially with all the ******* flyer "fans" hoping we tank for jones )

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