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03-30-2013, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by rangersbaby View Post
Honestly the end game is to lay off the kids.... they will have there ups and downs and that should be ok... when this team struggled to start the season stepan and Kreider should not of been the first players to blame. and on most these boards they were. Ya I saw all the Gabby for Jokinen or richards for bozak trades rolling around these boards after 9 games.... this Has nothing to do with me being right... Just the fact that you tell me he struggled massively last year says enough to me. 21 yr old kid who played all 82 games. killed penalties, played pp. was teams best defensive center, great +/- and had almost 50 pts... ya thats not something that makes a lot of sense to me. most 21 yr old kids who struggle mightily for the amount of time you are suggesting get healthy scratched or sent down not have their minutes increase.... Ive never made a single point about trying to be right or hear me say see I told you so.... I see it happening to JT miller right now. And Why.... he's 19 let him play thru it.... I Hope I can write in a year from now that I told you so.. on Kreider... and Miller... because this team has some good years ahead of them if these kids can be as good as I think they can.
Wonderful more revisionist history he didn't struggle at any point last year...yup. C'mon it's not exactly me demanding a trade for spare parts. I think he got hurt towards the end of last year into the PO's and was completely and utterly MIA. He continued to be MIA this year which was worrisome especially because he was reportedly horrendous overseas too. There's zero wrong with discussing a player who is performing poorly for a duration. And lay off the kids? Huh it's a stupid message board. We're not affecting jack I'm not choc full of hubris to ever assume anything any of us zero's say on this forum will ever effect the team. This is for us to discuss things not worry about magically hurting Stepan's feelings by discussing when his play drops off.

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