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03-30-2013, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
He is a good role player and decent 2-way 2nd line player. However he isn't an elite level by any stretch and is quite a notch below the elite defensive players in the game. (Backes, Kesler, Datsyuk, Bergeron, Hossa, etc)
Those are pretty much the only guys that are markedly better than Callahan away from the puck. I'm not even sure Backes is, he's just bigger and stronger. Cally is a stronger defensive player.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
He is an above average 2nd line player. It just irks me when people say he is the 'most important player' on the team. He is maybe 5th-6th in terms of importance.
He's not the most important, he's just the hardest working, smartest, most efficient player most of the time. He's not a high skill player, he can't be the most important player on your team. What he is, though, is an incredibly useful player and having a guy like him is extremely advantageous, because there aren't many around.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
No sane team is going to flip a productive center for Gaborik. Productive centerman are rarely available for trade. The Rangers sure did a good job of trading a productive center in the Nash trade though.

I am probably the only one who still thinks the Nash trade was a bad one and I still stand by it.

If we were moving those high end assets, I wish we did it for a center or RHD. Not another RWer.
I actually think the Nash trade was a mistake, and did at the time, but it is probably the least aggravating mistake they've made, and the reason is that Nash is pretty good, even if his contract stinks, and the price they paid really wasn't that high. We didn't move many high end assets at all. The pick shouldn't have been high, but it might be relatively high as a result of typical mismanagement.

The assets given up were more than reasonable, especially when you consider that Nash's cap hit is egregious. The problem is those assets weren't properly replaced, or they were given away with no ability to get proper replacements. And proper replacements for Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov are not impossible to find. I like Artie a lot, and I have some fond memories of Dubi as well, but they are inconsistent role players.
Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
I guess this is fair. But his ES production has been pretty brutal this year. He is a glorified special teams player.
EXACTLY! That's the whole point! In this league, all of the top teams in the league are among the best power play or penalty killing teams, and some are both. In recently completed 82-game seasons, it was even more evident.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Yeah, it should be pretty obvious. One is a high end 1st line scorer while the other is a 2nd liner.
How so?

At this point in his career, Gaborik is a one-dimensional player that needs help. He got it last season. He's not getting it this season. He's also inconsistent.

Callahan is a terrific second liner. He was 24th in points among RWs last year, and 2/3 of those who finished above him are legit first line or all-star caliber skill players (MSL, Kane, Gaborik, Hossa, Kovalchuk, Iginla, etc.). In 2010-11, he was 16th among RWs in PPG. He was 31st in points among RWs despite missing 22 games due to injury. He's one of the best 2nd liners in the league.

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