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Originally Posted by znk View Post

For low trajectory on your slapshot:
1) Roll your wrists over more. Try and get the top of the blade to shade the puck a bit.
2) Follow through should go no higher than your knees.
3) When setting up your shot,make sure the puck is settled.
4) Practice these fundamentals...first standing in one spot and then while moving.
and YES its true that the toe of your blade will tend to send the puck up more than hitting the sweetspot in the middle. The heel of your blade is NOT for shooting at any time...if your fnding that the heel is where the connection point is most may need a different lie to your stick.
Some very good suggestions: In Addition
Take your lead hand or lower hand and slide it down the shaft lower to the Floor/Ice and this small little adjustment will give you more lift-its a minor adjustment but most of the Big time goal scorers use this adjustment as a pre-set for different location shots, mostly in the high slot for a top corner slap shot. The lower you slide your glove the higher it will go, so there will be that sweet spot your looking for, you just have to find it.

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