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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
Does anyone know if there is a rule in the new CBA preventing a team from "loaning" a player so to speak for a playoff run? For example, if a team has a player signed past the current season but is out of the playoff race and another team is interested in that player but doesn't have the cap space in the following season, could a team trade this player with the intentions of re-acquiring this player via trade in the off-season, effectively "renting" the player?

I believe there was a rule preventing this type of move in the past because of the waiver draft but does anyone know for sure if this rule is still apart of the CBA? I would imagine it is, but don't know for sure. Thanks!
You can "intend" to re-acquire the player but you can not discuss this idea with a player and come to some sort of agreement. As in, you cannot tell the player "we will trade you for assets as long as you sign with us again this off-season."

That would be circumvention.. you can re-acquire a player though. Just can't have it established or anything pre-planned with the player/agent.

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