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03-30-2013, 04:45 AM
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Broad Street Bullies?

I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on this. You always see when the Flyers are on national TV they show highlights of them hitting and fighting, and always try to play up the fact that Flyer hockey is tough, physical, intimidating hockey. That's just not the case anymore. And I realize the game has changed and because of that we'll never see tough teams like we used to, but when I think of Flyer hockey (I started following them around '98), I think of guys like Lindros, Primeau, Gratton, Richardson, McGillis, McCarthy, Berube, Tocchet, Fedoruk, Brashear, etc. Real big, tough, physically imposing, intimidating players. It started slipping a bit when Brash left but at least you still had Fedoruk, Cote, Eager, Downie, Vandermeer, Hatcher, Asham, Carcillo, Lappy, etc., but it's all but gone these days.

Obviously they're struggling this year and no one likes that, but I'm curious if people miss the tough mentality this team had for so long. I know a lot of it is Laviolette as he's never really been a guy who dressed a real tough lineup, but I really wish the Flyers would try to go back to that mentality. I'm not saying dress a bunch of goons every night, but this team is just too soft for my taste.

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