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03-30-2013, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
Did I say anything besides this?
"and yet I have no problem posting 'I agree with Ceremony'"??? Are being serious? You thought that was a terrible comment?

Ceremony said that he doesn't think they're deserving of being in a thread like this because they make shallow uninteresting music, and I said that I agreed. In what world is "I don't think they're very good" considered remotely pompous or dismissive attitude deserving of this lecturing? (I wouldn't even call that insensitive for crying out loud)

People can think whatever they want, it just irked me how he seemed to brush off my comment as if I was being a **** or something. It was a harmless disagreement no worse than the comment he made in the first place. (he says that wasn't his intention, so it's fine)

Also, I hate when people say stuff along the lines of "Love them or hate them, you can't deny that they're clearly great, like I think they are." (your last line sounds alot like that) Doesn't make any sense and is completely biased/self-serving. Alot of people like them and think they're great. That's fine. We're also allowed to think that they aren't without expecting to get a rise out of someone like yourself.

Edit: Also, how does how likeable/respectable they are as people/the lengths they're willing to go for their fans have anything to do with how good their music is? Personally, I think there are tons of great bands in the last 20 years and wouldn't consider the Foo Fighters one of them.
LOL, I was referring to HFBoard rules..... not trying to play mod or anything, but nice rant, shouldn't be surprised though as I am familiar with your work here.

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