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03-30-2013, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
Flyers got so hosed in that draft.....what a terrible year to suck. Hopefully this draft is like the 2003 draft class..
Maybe Bettman has a little David Stern in him and will help the Flyers in this draft. I wonder how the league views Seth Jones. If they view him as a potential mainstream media darling that could make inroads with the African American community (not likely IMO), where would they want him to end up? Not Canada for one. I would think a major U.S. city at least and preferably on the east coast where there are major media markets. Current bottom four of the Draft: Florida, Colorado, Philadelphia, Calgary. Colorado would be a decent choice except its Mountain time and those two hours later would hurt Jones exposure with the national media stationed in the East. I could see the league hoping for Jones to end up in Philly, since its in the east coast megalopolis and has a huge national following. Its just a matter if hope leads to action.

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