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03-30-2013, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Not to mention I'd take Scotty Bowman's comments long before Galchenyuk's.
Scotty may be speaking about today's NHL, but, when he coached his teams had the players to handle whatever situation arose during a game. His Stanley Cup winning teams of the 70s had players like Bouchard, Chartraw & Lupien & Cam Connor, who were adequate players for the post expansion watered down NHL, but, in today's NHL would be only be on a contending roster for their physical contributions if at all. His Detroit winner also had Joe Kocur, who many consider 1 of the top enforcers ever to play the game.

Even though Lupien was a poor fighter and Chartraw never embraced a role as a tough guy or any serious role as a hockey player for that matter, Scotty obviously preferred the option of having them in the penalty box for 5 minutes or more leaving Robinson, Lapointe & others for the job of scoring or preventing goals. These teams never named anyone as an enforcer, but, these players had a role on the team. Robinson sent the clear message to the Broad Street Bullies that there reign of terror wasn't going to win them another Stanley Cup without more talent to go with it, the other contributed to that message in a big way too.

Scotty knew very well that physical intimidation had to be dealt with to be successful and when he put Bouchard & Lupien on the ice when O'reilly, Wensink or Jonathan were on the ice it wasn't to prevent Wensink from scoring a hat trick.

Another HOF coach & GM also saw the value of calling up the original 'enforcer' in 1964 to counter the physical intimidation of other teams leading the way several Stanley Cups in the 60s & early 70s.

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