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08-13-2006, 03:55 PM
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Markov is not the end of the world but a player, playing great D, with great vision and impressive passing abilities with the best first pass of the team is.....

Which means, Markov can be traded no question, we're not taking about the #1 d-man of the league here.....

But you absolutely need to have another player with his abilities coming back in a trade at some point.

You can't win nowadays when all of your d-men knows more who's "La baie Vitrée" than the actual players.....

In the end, why would you trade Markov when you actually need more players like him??? 3 reasons:

1- You know he won't sign with us, 'cause he told you...
2- Carbo and Gainey don't like him for whatever reason....
3- You are absolutely sure that you will win a trade that has him involved in, and this I have a total confidence in Gainey and Co. (Like a big center and a stellar offensive d-men like him, we never know how other GM'S see a player that might overpay for him, why wouldn't you at least consider listening???)

If not one of them apply, don't even think of maybe trading him and sign the guy long term! Out of those 3 next year's UFA, if the guy really wants to play, he's my #1 obviously, Rivet #2, and Souray #3.

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