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03-30-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
This is easy to respond to.

I have a hard time admitting that this was a mistake because I firmly believe that it was not a mistake.

You would have a valid point if Subban was playing like crap and was sulking with a bad attitude and being a distraction.

But he's not.

I am very confident that Bergevin sat down with Subban and showed him some numbers regarding his next contract. He signed for a reason, right?
Man, you have an upside down way of looking at this scenario.

The point of this bridge deal was to see if PK could take it to the next level, to see if he can really step it up and grow as a player by changing some things.

What some people were saying is that there was no doubt about whether or not PK could reach that other level. Those guys are the ones that wanted him signed longterm right now because we could get away with signing him to a longterm cheap deal, as opposed to signing him to bridge+huge deal after.

Now if PK stank, then management would have been protected. They only had him for 1 1/2 signed, and on the next deal, he wouldn't be breaking the bank. That's the whole point of the bridge deal. I don't think you understand this contract.

How can Bergevin have shown PK some numbers about a future contract when the kid hadn't even played a game yet?? You sign contracts based on performance and potential. PK had not played a game yet, so no, I don't think Bergevin showed PK any number as to a potential future deal when Bergevin himself said he wanted to see certain things from PK. I have no doubt that he told PK to sign a smaller deal now and then he'll get his big raise, but I disagree with that philosophy for PK.

The only way this turns out not being a mistake is if Bergevin can extend PK over the summer to a cheap deal. But no matter what the extension is, it will still be a higher price than it would have been before the year.

PK signed because the season was on going, it was a short one, he was getting bad press, management didn't seem to budge, and the team was winning. It has nothing to do with Bergevin showing him potential future income, and no I don't think he showed him any numbers. That makes no sense.

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