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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
This thread is hilarious. Most of you can't acknowledge the fact that most of the players called out for a potential trade (i.e Clowe, Talbot, Hartnell, etc) are carbon-copies ir close too of Bourque and Prust. What I mean is that the needs you want to cover is already covered, you just got to be patient.

Every area is covered ib Montreal except 2.

1) a big crease clearing defensmen

2) a heavyweight enforcer to keep teams in check and give us that spark we sometimes need against the tougher teams in oyt division.

That-is-all. We have 3 good offensive lines, we don't need more offense.
Clowe isnt Bourque...Clowe isnt Prust....Clowe has put up how many20 goal seasons?

Clowe 422 games 271 pts...

Habs get Clowe now or offseason,add a guy like John Scott and Bordealu offsesson as ufa's...then were good for anyone.

Big crease clear dman,get Doug Murray as ufa offsesson.

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