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03-30-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Cherry isn't much different (and certainly no better or more intelligent) than Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilson, Max Kellerman, Jim Rome, or any other obnoxious sports television blowhard. The difference is that unlike those idiots, he's got a loyal cadre of fans (largely of the same political persuasions, ignorant backgrounds, or sheltered worldviews) that hang off his every word and regard him seriously (despite protestations that they don't), whereas all the aforementioned idiots on ESPN are almost universally mocked and regarded as morons by almost all sports fans.

In short, the reverence for Cherry (which reached absurd levels with that horrific "greatest Canadians" poll - you would never see a moron like Skip Bayless finish anywhere in a "greatest Americans" polls) is largely a by-product of the sheltered, parochial nature of the uneducated, rural Canadian sports fan; i.e. the type of person who is not exposed to any moron of the same sort as Cherry other than maybe Pierre McGuire and/or the other idiots that populate CBC's broadcasts (namely Healy, Milbury, and Stock). A little perspective (specifically, exposure to how debase and ridiculous television sports punditry has become in the past few years) would undoubtedly lead to the conclusion that Cherry is just another loud voice in a sea of television idiocy.
<- The most ignorant and arrogant post I have seen on these forums for a long, long while.

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