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03-30-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Clutch!!!!!!!!! Yes. Love that band.

Himalaya is my old time stomping ground
(oh yes, time is of the essence).
Manitoba, better snows I've never found
(oh yes, time is of the essence.)
Shoulda clued in...totally missed it earlier "But Pity The Poor Dumb Fool Who Gets My Bleeding Spleen"

Been a fan since the video for A Shogun Named Marcus came out...a good friend said you are going to like this for a couple reasons, popped in the VHS and hit play.

Yep all the way til Blast Tyrant...then like most awesome bands they **** the bed.

Jet's better be Tight Like That with swagger, score like they own it.

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