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12-26-2003, 07:05 AM
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I think MOC has done a great job in the draft, and if he
is with the team for the next 4 years he should really
reap the benefit of those drafts. I just don't think
he'll be here.

One area that he has done poor in has been the skilled
players are soft, don't have the warrior mentality.
Thats just my opinion.

Joe only brings it when he gets upset in a game. If I am
an opposing coach I tell my players not to hit Joe, let
the sleeping giant lie.

Muzz is soft as charmin. Yes he goes in the corners to get the
puck, takes some punishment out front, but doesn't dish it out.

Sergie is a water bug and is annoying more than anything else.

Rolston = soft.

Bergeron is the exception, and Knuble takes the body a little
bit too. Axe tries, but 170 lbs dripping wet isn't gonna scare many.

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