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03-30-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
While that's true, there's definitely some bias towards guys like Haydar and Sterling (who are Wolves' favourites) and I'm not convinced that it comes from Arniel.
Haydar was played in the same opportunities (1st/2nd line RW and 1st PP) last season with MacT, but since he rolled his lines fairly evenly it wasn't a concern and we didn't hear many complaints last year. Were there many complaints regarding Reinprecht? He took a lot of icetime from Schroeder last season as he was able to PK, on 1st PP and on the 1st line. Don't remember one person throwing a fit about him. I think some people wanted him back.

Jason Krog, Marco Rosa, Jaffray, Desbiens played a ton of minutes and got a ton of opportunity on the Moose, yet we didn't hear they were vindictive or biased.

When the Wolves bring in their player, they are trying to cut down our prospects icetime/development and win over everything else. When he Moose brought in their own player and some people would be excited because of Heisinger's ability to find talent (Burrows) and embraced the players (Pope). It's nonsensical.

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