Thread: Speculation: Too Many Optional Practices
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03-30-2013, 11:38 AM
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always remember back in hs one day someone asked the baseball coach if a practice could be optional and he said 'optional is french for you better f***ing be there. not because i'm making you but because you want to be there for your teammates and because to a man you expect every one of your teammates to be there too'

the ONLY excuse to skip practice on a team in our situation is if you are hurt, otherwise imo the so-called 'leaders' sitting out speaks volumes about the lack of character and leadership in the lockerroom this year. this is how it was during the late 90s when the fat cats ran the asylum and no one ever practiced...

they don't care...if they cared they would be out there working ever harder to try to fix it, but they don't care. and torts forcing them to go out for a 'mandatory' practice isn't going to make them care.

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