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03-30-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by theIceWookie View Post
Everyone gives stupidly high costs every year for moving up and they rarely hold up to the evidence.

It cost the Sabres a 2nd to move from 21 to 14.

The Leafs apparently considered moving back to the 12 (the Sabres picks) in a deal that would have been the 12th overall, 21st over for the Leafs 5th and 35th overall.

I doubt that it would be two 2nds to move from like 18-20 to the early teens. Top 10 might be a little more difficult but nowhere near as expensive as people think.

I just don't think teams value these picks as highly as some fans do. Even in a draft like this. It will be hard to come by the "elite" picks (so like top 1-7 or 1-8) but I wouldn't bet against movement of picks. We've already seen three first rounders move, and seven 2nds.
He asked the cost of moving up to the 7-12 range...we paid a 2nd and 3rd to move up 2 measly spots from 7 to 5 in imho if we're looking to go from 21 to somewhere in the 7-12 range I don't think I'm way off...if it's closer to 12 then I think a pair of 2nds, if it's closer to 7 I think we're lookin at next years 1st...this is mostly based off what we paid to move up 2 spots to get Schenn. What did we give up in the Tyler Biggs trade up again? Was it a high 2nd to move up from 30 to 22? Another thing to take into account, is that every draft seem to have some 'tiers'...this year I think it's somewhere around the top 12 that looks like above the rest (to me)...sometimes you have to pay extra to get into that 'tier'...

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