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03-30-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Barrie is far from a finished product and comparing him with Yandle is right now is both ill-advised and unfair to Tyson.
I think it's perfectly fair in the context we were talking. I said Yandle was more multi dimensional than Barrie, and you asked how so. I don't think Barrie is gonna develop a big hip check, get in the occasional fight, or be a guy that will push guys around trying to clear the net. At best I think he'll become as good defensively, but I don't think he'll be the same kind of emotional leader for his team the way Yandle is.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Yes I'm more comfortable trading for JBo this offseason under one condition and that's being able to negotiate a new contract with him before the trade happens, the same goes for the Flames and Stastny.
So in order for the trade to go down, JBo would have to agree to us on an extension, and Staz would have to agree to an extension with the Flames. I think the chances of that happening are extremely low. They'll both be wanting to have a good year next year to improve their asking price.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
And you don't trade Elliott just because you assume he would be stuck on the 3rd pairing, having young cheap highly talented defenseman on your 3rd pairing isn't a bad thing and it's not like you won't be forced to play through injuries at some point in time. You play him there, let him build up his value and deal with him later on, there's absolutely no rush to trade him except if the return is pretty damn good.
Can I ask why everyone complains about the D unit, and everyone wants a top pairing guy to play with EJ, but no one wants to give up anything to do it? They need to build their top four, who cares about the 3rd pairing. O'Brien, Wilson, and whoever are perfectly fine on the 3rd pairing.

Everyone wants a partner for EJ, no one wants to trade for one. Everyone wants the D to be better, no one wants to give up assets to add good defenseman. No one wants to trade Barrie or Elliott because they think they'll be really good one day, for defenseman that are really good.

Again, if they draft Jones, how is EJ, Jones, and Barrie/Elliott better than EJ, Jones, and Yandle. I just don't get it. Let go of your fear of trading prospects people. With EJ Jones, and Siemens in the mix long term, they have enough depth to use them in trades to help the team, and to help EJ get to the level expected. A defenseman like Yandle has twice the value in that regard.

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