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Originally Posted by Habsfannick View Post
Teams like that only kick our ass when we try to play their game so you wake up Christ!! Idc who you add in that so called "being it on lineup" you got a first line forward on it? Cause lucic and Horton can play 18 minutes a game easy, dyou got a guy who will be on the ice with Chara for 25minutes+ they aren't a team of goons in the bottom six they're a team of goons period!!! No one you add without crippling this team can play those kind of minutes so please wake up and let us be the team we are supposed to be
Hey i am fully awake...Ryan Clowe has 271 pts in 422 games...he get that many playin 10mins a night on the 4th line?.what is your problem..

Deryk Engelland plays for Pens on defense 13-15 mins a night....not good enough for Habs? Lol
Engelland fights guys like Colton Orr and wins. gotta problem with that?

I dont remember toronto this year kickin our azz because we tried to play there game.....again wake up .

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