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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Yeah, no he did not, and no they did not. I am having trouble finding the stats, but he played like 3-4 games with Kane. And that 5 game stint where he scored 7 points was NOT with Kane.

Kane is so vastly overrated thanks to his speed and shot and Antropov is so vastly underrated thanks to his lack of speed and shot it is not even funny.

He's a 3rd liner. You don't expect 3rd liners to score every game. They are going to be streaky. If he was consistent he would not be a 3rd liner. You can do that with basically any 3rd liner in the league. Are people expecting 20g, 50pt production out of the 3rd line?

Even when he is not scoring Antropov's line has often been the most effective, even with snakebitten Tangradi and basically useless Wellwood. We build a real 3rd line around Antropov and some of the streakiness will dissappear. He is the key to us having even a 3rd line this year.

Seriously, name me a 3rd line in the NHL Antropov does not improve. It simply cannot be done.
Antro's assists:
1 goal by Ladd
1 goal by Little
5 goals by Kane *First one Feb 17th, most recently March 12* (Also, Antro's goal on March 26th was assisted by Kane and Burmi. They HAVE been playing on the same line throughout the year)
1 goal by Buff
1 goal by Stuart
1 goal by Wellwood
1 goal by Wright

What I find interesting was all Antro's points before Feb 17th, had Ladd and/or Little involved. Did he play on the top line when Noel was trying the Kane/Wheeler line? Forgot about that.

Also third lines....
before Chris Kelly's injury, wasn't the line something like Caron - Kelly - Peverley? I would take any one of the three.

I'm not doubting Antropov's defensive capabilities, but it's scary seeing him trying to bring the puck into the offensive zone, or even try to cycle the puck.

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