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03-30-2013, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by sakiaba View Post
It is, but can you imagine the optics of that deal? It would enrage Islander fans and embarass the league, and the latter alone might stop that from happening.
Wang is pissed at the league for a variety of reasons and he wants to get out of this horrible, horrible investment as soon as possible. Ridding himself of a 21m poison pill is his get the f out of jail free card. The incoming owners would get a lot of leeway from the fans for a one-year extended rebuild as well, they wouldn't give a damn anyway.

21,000,000$ I doubt Molson has that kind of liquid available. I doubt any owner in the league would even consider it without some serious, serious motivation. The motivation would have to be Tavares, a couple of 1sts and the trading GM's contract signed in blood stating that they'll make the conference finals in 21 games every year until the investment is paid off. Also ticket prices would rise too.

It's like absurd to even think about and Molson being the greedy slimerball that he's shown to be, I doubt he'll do it for anything.

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