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03-30-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
I predict a 1-1 draw as well. I think Mapp will take Pisanu's place but other than that no change to the lineup.

I'm not sure about the surprise for the 18 players roster, we know Pisanu and Iapichino are injured so I'm predicting a bench of: Bush, Tissot, Lefevre, Nyassi, Warner, Mallace, Wenger. Unless one of these players are injured too.
Tissot is injured, so that would be epic having no defenders as Subs. Imagine Wenger playing CB

For real though, with Iapichino injured, we have no defenders on the Bench.. Impact's website has Callum Mallace listed as a defender even though he has been a midfielder all year, so who knows whats up with our bench lol. I really don't wish any injuries, but this will be funny to see what happens if one occurs. We know Arnaud can play RB if needed as well.

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