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03-30-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TheTechNoir View Post
I do agree with this, and it is A problem but I disagree it is -the- problem. They acquired Bryz with the hope of solving their goal tending woes and to get a consistently good goalie who they could win a cup behind. He hasn't lived up to expectations. True. But they did not acquire bryz with the expectation that they could ice a poor team and he would still play great anyway. Some goalies can do that, but it wasnt the plan. They prob hoped he would be good enough to do that if necessary, but I don't think anyone can blame a goalie for a team losing if the goalie isn't playing great on a bad team. It's tougher for a goalie on a bad team in an eastern conference only season too.

Referencing those stats above at least shows if philly had as good of a team as those yrs and played that well then it is most probable that bryz would do better than boucher or leighton did because he's a superior goalie. But this yr his numbers are far worse than theirs.

I think they are in a sticky situation really. Will be tough for them to acquire a definite goalie that is a lot beeter than bryz and would be good on any team, even the arguable worst defensive team there is (what woth the injuries anyway). But it wouldn't be easy. So buying bryz out or not is a tough situation if they can't secure something better or at least equal for way cheaper. I just think their -primary- prob is no way bryz this year and they absolutely have to focus on other things as their priority to improve the team. Yes it is possible to get a good enough goalie to carry a ****** team on his shoulders to a cup but should never be a goal or banked on. And right now, the only way this team is succeasful is if Bryz is the reason if they keep the rest of the team as is.
I never said he is "the" problem.

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