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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin View Post
By re-acquire, does that also include through trade? The scenario I'm thinking of is one in which a player is signed long term when he is dealt at the deadline, "rented" for the remainder of that season and playoffs, and then dealt back to his original team in the off-season. I re-call there being a rule in either the previous CBA or the one before it that prevented a player being dealt within a certain amount of time prior to the annual waiver draft and then being dealt back to the original team after(I think it was a year), but with the removal of the waiver draft, does such a rule still exist?
No. The purpose of that rule was to prevent a team from stashing a player they otherwise could not protect in the Waiver Draft. A player traded within 4 weeks before the Waiver Draft could not be re-acquired by his original team during that season.

There is no similar rule now.

A team is free to want to re-acquire a player - but there can be no binding agreement to do so.

Originally Posted by NHL By-Laws Section 9.4

9.4 A Member Club shall not loan a player to another Member Club. All transfers between Member Clubs (including transfers resulting from draft claims or purchase persuant to Section 16A or the Expansion Draft Regulations or as an equalization payment for a free agent resulting from negotiation or arbitration under Section 9A) shall be absolute and shall not contain any provision:
(a) for the return or other disposition of the rights to the services of that player at any future time; or

(b) restricting in any way the transferability of that player at any future time.
In addition, if a team did re-acquire a player and it appeared to the League that the intent of the trades was to be a loan in violation of that By-Law, the the teams could be subject to investigation and sanctions under the No Circumvention rules of Article 26.

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