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Originally Posted by kdb209 View Post
No. The purpose of that rule was to prevent a team from stashing a player they otherwise could not protect in the Waiver Draft. A player traded within 4 weeks before the Waiver Draft could not be re-acquired by his original team during that season.

There is no similar rule now.

A team is free to want to re-acquire a player - but there can be no binding agreement to do so.

In addition, if a team did re-acquire a player and it appeared to the League that the intent of the trades was to be a loan in violation of that By-Law, the the teams could be subject to investigation and sanctions under the No Circumvention rules of Article 26.
Curious, does 9.4.B nullify all NTC/NMC clauses or is that in some other rule? Sounds like that just prohibits teams from saying "I'll trade you player X as long as you don't trade him to my rival"

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