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03-30-2013, 02:22 PM
Chris Hansen
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Originally Posted by LetEmKnow View Post
There are certain dynamics that Bowman can't control. The fact that 1 of the 2C's available is in the west is a big one. Roy and Ribeiro make up the 2C market. Ribeiro will likely resign with Washington, and we know what Dallas wants in all deals with Chicago, Saad.
We don't know which centers are available, but I have no doubt the list is longer than two names. And why restrict it to the West alone?

Nah, 3 years in and the hole's still there - at this point I fully expect nothing to change. Excuses run out when you have had this much time to fix it.

But the complaining hardly matters. Bowman is who he is. Hopefully the Hawks can improve something at the deadline, because they certainly do have a shot at the Cup and would be well-suited to do anything they can to improve their chances still further. We'll see.

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