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Originally Posted by JetsBeCool View Post
Agree with this. Will Ron Hainsey resign with the Jets? Most likely not. The negotiator will be testing the market and in the end, Jets will lose the Hainsey sweepstakes (heh). I rather see Hainsey traded then walk. He is in high demand since it seems like multiple teams are scouting him and will most likely get a pretty good return. With that being said, I know some think he is irreplaceable but what about Mark Stuart? They play pretty similar? Both are the stay home defensive type and are great on the PK. Mark Stuart last season blocked the most shots and now Hainsey has that title. Is it just me or do you think Stuart will step up to the challenge once Hainsey is gone? I don't know for sure but I honestly don't think Hainsey is completely irreplaceable as some of you think.

With Antropov, I do see the possibility of him re-signing instead of walking away and with that, I would risk keeping him around, plus I don't think there will be a good solid trade return for him and it will just be the Poni deal all over again (blech), ie. downgrade. He brings a lot of flexibility and versatility to the team. He can be brought up to the second line with Kane if needed and produce sufficiently when he is called upon and can also be a solid third liner. He is just a well rounded player and can chip in defensively and offensively. He will help the Jets in playoffs IMO. That and I would be super sad to see him leave the Jets =(
Stuart and Hainsey don't play the same game.

Hainsey is a better skater, better positionally and better decision maker. He usually directs traffic on the ice (especially Bogosian who's biggest achilles heal is his positioning in the D-zone). Hainsey tends to block due to being in the shooting lane at the right time.

Stuart meanwhile is basically a 4th line energy forward playing D. He is a good hitter and has no fear of blocking the shot but he has difficulty making the right decision like when to hit, when to block, when to stand up on the blue line, etc. Stuart tends to block because he gets pinned in the zone.

They both are considered defensive defensemen because neither are offensive catalysts, but that is where the comparison ends.

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