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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post

I'm not a fan of generalizations or cheap insults, but whenever some juvenile Bruins fan wrings out the tired '9-11' cliche or talks about the Habs having 'no class' or 'no respect', I am so tempted to remind them of those racist tweets and Lucic's disgusting personal behaviour.

Thing with Lucic is his game is based almost entirely on his strength when driving for the net. He's a bowling ball, only not as smart. He seems to lack the I.Q. to compensate when his brute force is minimized.
I agree with you on the bruins fan portion. The worst part being I don't even know of anyone who called 911 so the insult is entirely ignored. Even with vancouver and montreal's riots boston has a higher crime rate so meh. It's essentially just noise for me when someone doesn't want to talk hockey.

As for Lucic, he's a unique player but not perfect. The reason Lucic will not be as effective going into the future is fairly simple. He's human. The guy is strong and a good physical player but bruises and injuries happen. No way this guy continues to play on the edge until he's 35. His body can't handle it. That's why he's slowing down for the good of his health and the longevity of his career.

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