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03-30-2013, 03:13 PM
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Biggest problem

There are about 7-10 main reasons people have used to explain why we are so dissappointing. I really just want to see as a whole what the fanbase thinks is the chief reason. I've made my reason clear. I'll vote, explain my choice if I get a chance though I've done it plenty around here and that's about it.

I don't think we should argue back and forth. I personally don't think Lundqvist or the Nash trade are part of the problem at all but I recognize others think that so all options including the recent optional practice theory are being put up.
Again this is to vote on what you think the MAIN issue is I think we all agree it's a combo of a few things. But the purpose is to pick what you think the main culprit is and explain why you think it's the main culprit.

I suspect the 4 biggest vote getters will be Rich/Gabs, Torts, FA losses and the Nash trade in that order.

Me personally I think losing 130+ points b/t two players (rich and gabs) is the killer. We are dead last in GF tho we continue to be one of the best in GA and every game is so close. So much money tied up in both as well. I think both got old and lost their skill and didn't tune up for the season tho Gabs injury may have cost him months of potential tuning idk. I thank gabs for what he's done as a Ranger though even though I think he stinks out loud this year.

I think Nash more than makes up for either one of Dubs and anisimov. Even if you want to for some reason say it's an even swap Anisimov for Nash it's on Sather to replace Dubs, prust and Feds. Not many seemed to have a problem with Pyatt, Halp and Ash and I think most of us feel Powe is an upgrade over Rupp...unfortunately all have floundered....could it be Torts then?

So lots of valid options here that intertwine but it's up to you to select which is the biggest. Remember folks Bickle counts as other!

If this poll does well I could do a prospects style thing where aftr we vote for our #1 reason we vote on #2. Then 3. Etc

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