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OT: NFL Fanbases in Odd Places Explanations

After weeks of us awkwardly guessing who wanted to watch which NFL games, Facebook finally used its terrifying trove of user data and made the map that no one else could. In our original post, we pointed out some of the more surprising fan pockets, but the data deserve a deeper dive.
Cowboys in the South

Although you'd never guess it from the name, the Washington Redskins have something of a racist history. The NFL integrated in 1946, before Major League Baseball. By 1953, every team in the league—aside from the Redskins, that is—had black players. It took nine years for the Redskins to cave on integration. And that was only because the president of the United States made them.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Southern African-Americans turned on the team. Since the Falcons (1966), Saints (1967), and Dolphins (1970) weren't in the NFL yet, that left just one Southern team to root for: the Dallas Cowboys.
Vikings in Washington and Pasquotank Counties, N.C.


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