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N.Y. Rangers @ Montréal 7:00 PM CBC, RDS, NHLN-US

lol.. whipped something up in 5 minutes on break at work so we had something!

Missed Shots Pacioretty (37)
Giveaways Markov (34)
Faceoffs Lost Plekanec (348)
+/- Halpern (-6)

To Start:
  1. Pick your S P A C E G O A T - This is the Habs player you will be following all night. Pay close attention.
  2. Choose your mixed drink or beer - If you choose beer proceed to step 3, if you choose a mixed drink proceed to step 4, if you choose to drink a WhiskeySeven proceed to step 5, if you choose straight liquor proceed to finding some help.
  3. During the game taking a drink means a nice open-mouthed drink of beer. Your mouth should be this open.
  4. During the game taking a drink mean a shot's worth of the mixed drink, nothing crazy.
  5. Take a drink and unwind, you've earned it.
  6. Get your munchies in order and walk the dog, a Habs game is coming up.

Take one drink when:
  • Desharnais loses a faceoff, if he's your player take two drinks.
  • There's a shot of Torts looking bemused or sarcastically upset.
  • Your player is checked into the glass
  • Your player takes a minor penalty
  • Your player loses his stick 5-on-5
  • Gionta shoots it high-and-wide, if he's your player take two drinks.
  • The Habs score 5on5, if it's your player who scored take two drinks.
  • The Habs kill a power-play, their own or the other team's.

Take two drinks when:

  • A Hab ices the puck, if it's by your player take two drinks.
  • At every delay-of-game penalty. If your player commits the penalty take two more, if your player only has to serve the penalty take one more.
  • Blood is seen on a player, if it's your player take two drinks and post that he's a warrior. If it's Gorges everybody has to take a drink and mention how he was/wasn't the Captain of his WHL team.
  • A fight occurs, if it's your player finish your drink.
  • A referee falls down or a player runs into him, if it's your player finish your drink.
  • A close up of a fan wearing something for a team from a different sport. Everybody finishes their drink if it's a Patriots or Heat jersey.
  • Every time the commentators say that a player's got "great hands"/"great legs", if it's your player take an extra drink. If they say them both at once finish your drink.
  • The Habs score on the power-play, if your player scores it take two more.
  • The Habs don't score on the power-play, if there's a subsequent shot of Eller looking dejected on the bench take another drink.
  • The Habs get scored on, if our goalie's at fault and he's your player, finish your drink and then post that he doesn't steal games.
  • Every time you think about your lost love

Take three drinks when:
  • The beer/liquor you are drinking is first featured in a commercial
  • At the first mention of Biron/the French-Canadian Backup Goalie Curse on HFHabs
  • Any goal is waived off.
  • A player from the Habs is ejected from the game, if it's your player finish your drink, you rascal, you.
  • A player is traded mid-game, if he's your player finish your drink.

Finish your drink if:
  • Your player scores the winning goal.
  • There's a shutout.
  • The Habs win.
  • There's an inexplicable shot of Pierre Gauthier leaning over the edge of the GM boxes looking at the game.
  • If you seriously consider drunk-texting your lost love.

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