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Originally Posted by VL55 View Post
I agree that Pollock had the right idea and I hope Bergevin follows his lead.

But I would tone done the expectections. Bergevin said he believed it was very hard to immediately improved your team through trade. Nowadays, in the long run, trades end up pretty even (you win some, you lose some) and only drafting with proper development generate sustainable value for your team.

See, There is more parity amongst GM too.

I know most of us think Snow or Feaster are complete idiot, for example, but even they would never have accepted the deal that brought Lafleur to Montreal.

Little history lesson:

The Golden Seals were a bottom feeder team who had just finished the 69-70 season with 58 points in 78 games (tied for bottom 2). The Habs at the time were between dynasties and had finished with 92 points in 78 games, somehwat low for the era but still tied for 4th.

The deal went: Seals's 1st pick in the 71 draft + François Lacombe


Canadiens 1st pick + Ernie Hicke

Ernie Hicke was an okay prospect, I guess, but he had yet to play a single game in the NHL when the deal went down. In his last year of Junior as a 20 year old, he put up 109 points in 55 games. But in 69-70 he was a 22-23 year old playing for Salt Lake Eagle and busy not destroying the league.

When the deal went down, Lafleur had already put up 170 points in 56 games in the prevois year. Dionne did 132 points in 54. That's ONE YEAR BEFORE THEY WERE DRAFT ELIGIBLE! That's two years younger than Hicke when he put up his best junior stats.

So... It did not even take a scouting department to know this could turn very ugly. You just had to look up their stats.

There were some TRULY clueless GM back then. Do any of you believe that early next year we can get the first pick of the flames in 2014 + a fringe NLHer against our first and Patrick Holland? Because that's pretty much what happened in that deal!
I really think a good GM could've gotten Calagary's first this year from Feaster with Cammaleri. They liked Cammy and hated Bourque. There are always pigeons out there, guys who are desperate for 8th who make stupid moves just to get a chance to make the postseason. Those are the teams you target. And a good strategy with those clubs is to trade for future 1sts so they don't pay it right away but it happens in a year or two.

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