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03-30-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
I was compeltly fine with Tambo sitting back in years 1-3 of the rebuild, trading some vets and collecting picks. That is what Chi and Pitt both did.

He didnt help the team in the short run but he did saddle us with any bad contracts (Feaster) or trade away picks for a short term gain (Burke). He got a whack of high picks and prospects.

But as the rebuild progresses so does his need to bring in vets or established players. Chicago was able to bring in pieces to surround Toews, Kane, Seabrook and Barker (lol but he was a top 3 pick) They brought in Sharp, Hossa, Campbell and some other pieces.

The Oilers have to build around the big 5 and hope Klefbom turns out strong like Keith did. I would be ok with one big trade that addresses our need.

But I hope he makes some trades. He may win some, he may lose some, but the team cant get much worse, but it can get much better from bringing in a surrounding cast.
I mean yeah but that's the offseason, and my comment was generally referring to the trade deadline. I dont think we should be quick to make moves because at this point we are neither buyers nor sellers. I would be perfectly OK if we continued with the roster we have and played out the season (unless an offer too good to refuse comes but meh).

The way I see it is everyone wants us to sell Whitney so we dont lose him to UFA. Well I think it's justifiable to keep him. He has been playing well, and there's a small chance we can sneak into the playoffs. It's not like a late second rounder will amount to anything anyway. It also sends the message to the team that "this is not our year" which may be true, but if you become sellers, you've already admitted defeat.

Let's just deal with it in the off season

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