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12-26-2003, 10:09 AM
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WJC's So Far

Until one of you lot who know what they are doing does a better one I will start one off. When you fix it just delete mine, no worries.

Kanko had a goal in his first game of the tournament. He was solid and was said to have been a "fireball" that was determined every shift. His team won 8-0 so it is hard to see how he will play under pressure but so far so good.

Tambellini had a great game for Canada as it won 3-0 against the Soumi powerhouse. They are one of the tournement dark horses and thier goalie were fantastic but he couldn't handle the punishment that team Can dealt out and neither could the rest of the team. Canada really just man handled Soumi and if it weren't for Toivenen's solid netminding it would have been ugly.

Tambellini played a bit with the great Crosby and they together looked amazing. Crosby himself is astonishing with the puck. He stood out. Tambellini's speed was impressive and he had one shot that I thought would go in. He didn't seem to get much ice time but looked good when out there.

Murray will play for USA later and I will post about it unless someone else has put up a sticky and done a better job of it. So far, so good!


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