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Originally Posted by Joe11 View Post
I'm a lifelong NYC person. I respect everyones opinion.
Things cost more here because so many people want to live here.

If you don't appreciate how much better things are here, you probably should move to parts of the country where the cost of living is less.

That being said, I could definitely live in SF or Boston.

But wherever I would be, NHL centre ice is a must, so I could follow the Rangers

Good luck with your move

The only thing keeping the population numbers up is immigration, otherwise NYC would see a decrease.

Youre competing with people in finance, law and entertainment for real estate. They can outbid eachother (and the average person especially, pretty easily) for it. That coupled with the lack of space to build makes real estate costs so high.

Its not like Chicago where theres ample room to just build. Everything in Manhattan has to be razed first, if it isnt a landmark that is. Theres more red tape and NIMBYism in NYC.

Still, I used to have that mindset about NYC, and im an Upstater. I have lived in Brooklyn and schooled in Jersey, have fam downstate. Its not all there is. The more I travel, the more I see that.

Most other places are way more practical in day-to-day living, at a much lower cost. Thats whats important.

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