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03-30-2013, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by surge1979 View Post
And you remind me of someone who started watching hockey again in September 2011 and is just happy to be back in the league. Which is fine, but rather than putting words in my mouth or insulting me, maybe try refuting what I was saying.

Those 7 forwards I named have scored 16 goals in 34 games. If you include Burmistrov (3), Wright (1) and Slater (1) - players that deserve a roster spot but haven't produced offensively - that puts us at 20 goals in 34 games from 10 of 14 forwards.

If you don't think foward depth is a problem on this team, I can't help you. Glad you're following the NHL again though.
I don't disagree that forward depth is an issue, but what did you expect? The team was brought in from Atlanta and initially did not have much forward depth to begin with. This is just the second season of the Jets coming back. How can you expect a huge forward overhaul in that short span. The Jet's management plan on building through the draft. Doesn't that take time?

I understand the frustration but your post is just rant and no solution (maybe just stating the obvious). I apologize for grouping you in with the callers on 1290 and didn't mean to offend. It just sounded like you wanted to throw every Jet under the bus over one loss and my bad for assuming I guess. I honestly admit, I didn't follow the NHL until the Jets came back but I don't get what is wrong for being a new fan.

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