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Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
I can only answer this honestly and say, I can't give you a name because I don't know enough about coaches. The way things are, there are two things wrong with Torts. Lack of strategics and lack of leadership as a coach as he's starting to run out of ways to help his team "find ways to win games"

There are potentially bad coaches to replace Torts with and as bad as those can be, it's a part of the trial and error. I don't know the coaching business well enough to know the coaches involved. It's Slat's job to know the candidates. While my criticisms may seem short sighted and ignorant of the big picture and the reality of the business, if CBJ, WPG, STL, LAK etc. can all replace their coach with much success, then we should be able to as well (Slats should be able to).

I'd rather die trying to get help than rot on an island and get killed by a slow acting poison.
I get and appreciate what you are saying. You are not any more short sighted or ignorant than the rest of us. We are all pretty clueless to a greater or lesser degree.

I'm just making a point that indicates a simple fact. Getting a really good coach for the New York Rangers is a very difficult thing to do.

I can't be certain but given the indications we are seeing from the team, Tort's is the interim coach right now. Some where between last season and this one this team lost it's way. I'd have to guess they are talking to people, but it's almost certain to be a long process.

Qualified people will not line up to put their applications in. Imo, that's partly because the NHL is made up of mainly small town guys who feel more aligned and comfortable in smaller markets.

It's frustrating as hell to see this regression. One thing I would certainly do is cut a lot of dead wood out of this line up. Guys that don't show up and at least try should NOT be given a second chance. That's why I'd tolerate Miller on this team. He may look like a cluster %^&* out there at times, but the kid tries really hard.

Richards and Gabby can sleep in the bottom of the ocean for all I care.

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