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03-30-2013, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by CaliDubiZib View Post
This is a different team than last year.
They need a different system, but Totorella refuses to change the system from last year.
He's either too stubborn or not good enough to adapt
I don't understand what system we are really running right now that is so much similar. I don't see a "6-goalie system" like we employed at times last year. We have a ton of grinders on the team so we see a lot of board play.

The only thing I'd really like to see truly changed up is 1) Girardi not on the PP ever again, 2) Some less dumping from our top line.

The vast majority of this is on the players. They are missing on chances constantly or just not playing assertive enough. I'm curious if there is a lack of hockey smarts on this team that is plaguing it. Our smartest player (Richards) has clearly lost a step. It's sad to watch, even, at times. Stepan is probably second in line and he seems like he is developing nicely. Nash always looks great out there.

Kreider and Miller are both nippleheads at times, our 3rd and 4th liners are all nippleheads, Callahan is very "meh" when it comes to smarts, Gaborik seems to be in that category . . .

I think this is a pretty damn stupid team.

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